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About Energy|MC.

Energy|MC is in the business of bringing more clients to your door. We build your relationship with your market using the written word and expert imagery or photography. We help you to select the best channel for your communications. 

We provide client with the best mix of advertising, content, editorial and social media programmes, custom-built to the business. No more wasted money, cluttered marketing messages and nice-to-haves that don't pay. Energy|MC is serious about best communications practice - for you. 

Energy Marketing Communications, copywriting, content and communications services was founded by Gareth Griffiths, a well respected copy writer, professional photographer and media strategist with a solid corporate background. 

About founder, Gareth Griffiths.

For 20 years, I have been crafting potent words and images to promote the brand and key message for each of my clients. I make sure that this message shines through in every word I write. Do you need content for adverts, editorial or PR pieces, web pages, blog posts, or social media? I focus on top quality content – words that engage and photos that tell your brand story.

Want further info? Find out more about me and my unique qualifications and experience  here.