Marketing Communications - Copywriting and Photography Services - with a Dash of High Energy

Technical concepts put into plain English


Marketing / Media / Communications

Putting your message into engaging words and pictures

 Do you spend a lot of money of design and website development, but your content is out of date or not understood? Need a professional touch to fine-tune your communications and get ahead in the market?

Energy|MC provides clients with:

  • Specialised copywriting 
  • Technical writing
  • Media services 
  • Quality, engaging content for adverts, editorial or press releases, web pages, blog posts, social media or pay per click advertising
  • Custom written copy for your business. I also write reports of all kinds – from your annual report, to business proposals and training material - in words that can be understood and acted on
  • Professional photography - on call - editorial and other shoots
  • I offer an experienced and cost effective ad booking and design service – ideal for B2B media needs
  • I focus on top quality content – words and images that engage with the audience.